Nature Lab
Crafts Council and The New Craftsmen present Nature Lab – an immersive installation of contemporary British craft at London Design Fair.
Nature Lab is showing as part of the British Craft Pavilion at London Design Fair from 22– 25 September 2016. It is an immersive experience telling the story of nature transformed by six British craft talents and presented by Crafts Council and The New Craftsmen. Each maker has developed radical new techniques to transform such everyday substances as wood, sand, salt, clay, flowers and ice into objects of wonder.
The six makers in Nature Lab are Eleanor Lakelin; Emily Gardiner; Jochen Holz; Joseph Harrington; Marcin Rusak; and Marlène Huissoud. Nature Lab was first shown at Design Miami/ Basel in June 2016. In the installation, designed by Gitta Gschwendtner, wild, encroaching nature is transmuted by skilled hands and ingenious minds into elemental objects that emerge from the darkness to conjure wonder and intrigue. A laboratory of nature will present what looks like insect glass, flower fossils and ice caught at the moment of melting.



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