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Danish Made
22 August 2014 - Country Showcases & Galleries

Three leading Danish design and architect schools have joined forces to present a comprehensive range of current and experimental furniture design at DANISH MADE. The exhibition is also celebrating this year’s centenaries of the classic Danish furniture designers Børge Mogensen and Hans J. Wegner.

They were both inspired by the visual appearance and technical principles of well-known historical chair types to reach the highest level of artistic expression and ergonomic comfort. The emerging Danish designers in DANISH MADE have equally worked with new interpretations of different design icon’s visions, works and methods, and some have taken outset specifically in the design by Wegner and Mogensen.

At Tent the exhibition is joined by a talks programme with an expert panel debating the DNA and future of Danish design, and one specifically celebrating the centenaries of Wegner and Mogensen featuring Director Anne-Louise Sommer, and Chief Curator Christian Holmsted Olesen, Design Museum Denmark.

KNIT/ Aija Hannula & Begona Uribe Landeta, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture and Design

Aija Hannula & Begona Uribe Landeta

KNIT shows how upholstery plays with wooden spindles combining the structure of the historical Windsor chair with measurements from old upholstered chairs. As upholstery weaves through the spindles, comfort is added to the stick chair, making the upholstery part of the stabilizing structure. The fabric creates an oversized knit pattern, which gives the chair a relaxed and cozy appearance that is welcoming and warm.

W / Stephanie Rodwell & Gitte Langborg, Aarhus School of Architecture

Stephanie Rodwell & Gitte Langborg

Inspired by Hans Wegner’s GE250 chair, the W chair has a simple construction, consisting of two contrasting elements; the cold look of the steel frame and the warm look of a crocheted seat made from 100 meters of cotton string. The characteristic “W” of the GE250 chair is incorporated into this design and is visible in the profile of the legs, which also gives the chair a dynamic look. The W chair is a lounge chair for both indoor and outdoor use.

WAVE / Britt Rasmussen, VIA Teko Design & Business

Britt Rasmussen

Wave is a new and playful way of thinking storage. The piece is made from felt mixed with plywood. This is inspired by Verner Panton and Arne Jacobsen who took existing materials and used them in different ways. Wave is a flexible and sculptural piece of furniture that will change as you use it. It invites the user to create spaces and to reshape Wave with the objects that are put into it.

Needle Chair / Eva Fly & Suguru Kobayashi, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture and Design

Eva Fly & Suguru Kobayashi

The design of the Needle Chair morphs textile and sticks by using their contrasting characteristics in the meeting between them. Using the stick as a needle sewing through the fabric, the stiffness of the stick and the formability of the textile is emphasized, while fixing the textile to the chair. The textile makes a soft and flexible backrest and gets a curved structure that provides the chair with a tactile quality. The shape of the construction is inspired by the Chieftain chair by Finn Juhl and the classic FDB furniture by Børge Mogensen and Poul Volther.

Shape It / Anne Nørbjerg & Sanne Kyed, Aarhus School of Architecture

Anne Nørbjerg & Sanne Kyed

The Shape It stool is an experiment on how to use materials in other ways than intended. This is inspired by Christian Flindt who explores new forms based on the properties of the material. The material of Shape lt is called ‘Troldtekt’, a mixture of wood and cement made for acoustic ceiling and wall panels. Studying the quality of the material and the method of production, it showed a potential of being cast in other ways than just on a flat surfaces.

NONNO / Jeannett Højer, VIA Teko Design & Business

Jeannett Højer

Nonno is a piece of furniture that calms you. It is a rocking daybed inspired by a calming hammock with its rocking motion and the classic woven Circle Chair by Hans J. Wegner. Contrary to the hammock, Nonno requires no poles or fixtures, and it appears elegant in itself. Nonno means grandfather in Italian and refers to a grandfather taking a nap on his rocking daybed.


Anker Bak

Nomad Rocker

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture and Design
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VIA Teko Design & Business
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