Adele Howitt

Ceramic Landscape is a series of intricate, seemingly delicate, yet robust sculptures. The research initially began while Adele was a resident artist at Naturalia in Sevilla in 2012.  Here, she researched pollen grains at Cordorba University and developed a new understanding of a living landscape. 

“Looking at the grains under the microscope, I started to think more about living landscapes and natural patterns,” she says. “I start off with a drawing and then make that into a 3D form or sketch, then work on the scale.”

Coupled with her re-discovery of pottery skills whilst later researching the Mexborough and Dearne Valley Potteries (e.g. Rockingham), this research began to inform a new way of working in ceramics and pushing clay material to its’ technological boundaries. Adele links nature with imagination and abstraction in landscape formations, designed to stimulate the viewer.





British Craft Pavilion


United Kingdom



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