Giles Miller

Stipple Screen
The Stipple screen allows a viewer to sculpt its stone surface and manipulate the light and pattern visible from either of its sides. Large stone paddles are stacked on wires and enabled to rotate according to the pattern or effect the user wishes to anoint.

In celebration of the traditional large-grained crystallic material Porphyry, GMS have developed a marquetry system that marries the classic aesthetic of the material with a contrasting contemporary pattern.  Designed in triangular sections to accommodate the manufacturing process, the colours and composition can be varied to tailor the final mural to the character or requirements of the user.

Giles Miller
London-based designer Giles Miller specialises in the development of truly innovative surface, material and sculptural artworks. The studio is interested in light, reflection, texture and the manipulation of these elements to create subtle and functional artworks. Harnessing materials and texture the studio composes thousands of sculptural components in such a way that they illustrate imagery purely through their composition and reflection of the surrounding light.

About Euro Porfidi
Euro Porfidi was established in 1977 and it is currently managed by the second generation of this family business. It boasts a long and sound experience in quarrying and processing the porphyry of Trentino, as well as processing selected natural stones, such as slate, sandstone, quartzite, and trachyte. By combining technology and artisanal finishing, it is possible to manufacture unique products that are particularly valued by the market. Furthermore, over the last few years, selected Italian teams of specialised installers have been working even abroad to install our products, emphasising their exclusivity and beauty.






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