Lucy Kurrein

“Molinari are expert leather workers. I wanted to celebrate this by drawing parallels with everyday household leather objects. I’ve been studying traditional sports equipment like basketballs and boxing gloves which radiate durability and craftsmanship. In particular I became fixated on punch bags. There’s something about the shape and proportion that feels very human in scale and it got me thinking about the way some boxers grab the bag between blows. In the design I’ve taken the cylindrical shape of the punch bag and curled it up, holding it in place between the two front legs of the chair. The legs compress into the upholstery to emphasise the soft structure inviting the user to wrap their arms around it as boxers do. We have chosen the best quality, thick leather to echo the heavy duty nature of the punch bag.”

About Lucy Kurrein
Lucy set up her studio in London's docklands in 2013, quickly establishing herself in the industry through collaborations with international furniture producers. Her first piece of furniture was taken on by SCP - the Lincoln sofa - which launched her independent career and a specialism in upholstery and seating. Lucy was awarded Homes and Gardens' 'Young Designer of the Year 2015'.

About Molinari Design
At the heart of the Italian Alps there is a place where technology meets tradition, with a special focus on the quality of Made in Italy. It is a place where expert craftsmen manufacture the Molinari Living sofas, a product that aims at furnishing your home as well as becoming a part of your daily life. Molinari leaves nothing to chance in its artisanal production. The leather is selected after testing various features, such as its durability, wear resistance, stretchability, reactivity to light and colour resistance, to ensure leather with a uniform appearance and thickness.

'Trentino Collaborations' represents a wonderful opportunity to enhance the distinguishing features of our company and enter the British market with the proper style through the partnerships with a British designer.






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