Old Truman Brewery
19–22 September 2019
The Colour

'Colour is transformative projecting scenarios that enhance or redirect the perception of design.

Colour is reactive dependent on pigmentation, materiality, form and environment.
Colour is transient reflective of fluctuating societies 
and growth in the individual.
The Colour Project presents a snapshot of the moment these elements converge.’
Calzada Fox

This year the London Design Fair and newly created studio Calzada Fox, examine our understanding of colour in the design process with The Colour 2018 and its supporting palette.


The Colour 2018.  
The Colour 2018 is a warm red based tone, familiar, restorative and reassuringly human. Connected as it is to nature and processing through clays and iron oxide, this hematite hue captures the zeitgeist for an active neutral. Its ruddy nature crossing organic and industrial boundaries has become the flagstaff of the technical artisan.


The Colour Collaboration.

The Colour Collaboration is a working relationship between designers and manufacturers resulting in experience installations within London Design Fair. As part of the project we would like to announce our exclusive paint partner for The Colour 2018 will be Craig & Rose. Curated by Calzada Fox they will be presenting new colours for their 1829 collection in their exploration of Memory Colour|Colour Memory.


If you would like to know more about The Colour 2018 or get involved contact us by email

The Colour consultants: Calzada Fox Consultancy




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